Delivery and Takeout

Online ordering is the fastest and best way to order. No busy signals, no hold times, no static or communication issues. Orders go straight to the kitchen and get in the queue faster than if you placed them over the phone. We envision a day when we won't have to answer phones to take your order and that's the direction we are pushing the technology. However, the time estimates on pickup and delivery orders may be incorrect. The reason for this is that the time estimates require human intervention and requires that someone go through the online procedure for updating the wait time. When it's really busy this task gets overlooked. These delays tend to occur during our peak periods which are 6-9 PM everyday. Sunday is our busiest day.

Ordering over the phone is faster if your number isn't blocked because we have caller ID. You can unblock your call by dialing *82 first. Please avoid using speaker phone or unclear bluetooth devices as they can be tremendously frustrating during the ordering process.


How long does delivery take?

Delivery orders average about 45 minutes. We strive to maintain the 45 minute delivery time but sometimes get delayed by traffic, distance, customers not being home, or a high number of orders. The delivery business has many variables and we will do our best to predict how long the delivery will take but we might be late or early. If the possibility of an order being delivered late is not acceptable, we recommend picking it up. A common misconception is that living nearby means the delivery order will get there faster. The reality is that your order will go into a delivery queue and the first order will go out first and the others will follow in order. When customers are not home or are difficult to reach, this can delay subsequent orders so please be home and have your phone nearby after you order. If the driver cannot reach you and does not have enough information to deliver to your door, they will go to the next delivery orders until they are able to reach you. Also please have your credit card ready if you are paying by credit card.

It is not uncommon for orders to arrive 30 minutes later than quoted. If we knew exactly when your order will arrive we would take our knowledge from the future and apply it to the stock market instead of the restaurant business. So please be kind to our staff, this is the reality of the restaurant and delivery business, stuff happens...

How long do phone takeout orders take?

These orders normally take about 20 minutes. Again, it depends on a number of factors and it's not uncommon for orders to be very late. We do our best to predict so please be kind to our staff and not arrive early and berate them because your food isn't ready yet. 

Planning is key. Please call us and we can help you plan.

How far do we deliver to?

We deliver to all of Mar Vista, Venice, Marina Del Rey and Playa Vista. We deliver to parts of Culver City, Playa Del Rey, and Santa Monica. If Google Maps shows you within 3 driving miles, that means we deliver to you. Outside of this range means that it will be too much of a strain on our delivery resources.

What is the order minimum?

There is a $15 order minimum, NO EXCEPTIONS. We cannot just charge you for $15, you must order $15 worth of food. Even if it's $14.99, $15 is the bare minimum cutoff point. Staff will not be able to send delivery orders through for under $15. The reason for this is that we know it is unprofitable for us to send our drivers out if it is below $15 and because each order takes time, it will also slow down our delivery business significantly if we have small orders in queue. So if your order is just at the borderline, order a drink or an appetizer with us to get you over the mark. The current delivery charge is $5.00, it is a cost to help maintain a delivery service as there is a lot of overhead in that area, it is not a tip for the driver. 


If you ordered for delivery and want to cancel your order, we can assist you only if the food has not been made. Takeout orders not picked up will result in your next order not being made until you arrive. There is a very small window after you place an order to cancel because our cooks can start on the order very quickly. If you ordered, paid for the order and the food is made, refunds will not be given. Businesses require that customers be responsible for their orders. We do not remake orders that are not spicy enough or too spicy, if you are not sure if it's hot enough or mild enough, we recommend being conservative with your spice level and ordering spice on the side.