Ekkamai History

Ekkamai Thai Restaurant gets its name from an area in Bangkok at Sukhumvit Soi 63. Situated next to trendy Thonglor, it's where old meets new and is diverse in food and culture.

Founded in 2010, our goal was to bring authentic Thai food to the West LA area. Bringing authentic Thai food to the area came with numerous challenges such as sourcing ingredients and changing the perceptions of what Thai food really is. People in the area were used to pad thai sauces which used ketchup as a main ingredient. Thai food on the West side was too sweet, too salty, saturated with MSG, and lacked traditional recipes. It was a challenge, but we've found that our customers appreciate our efforts and we love you for that.

Thai food is ever changing and as dynamic as any cuisine out there. Our menu will continue to evolve with new dishes that we hope will delight you. The inspiration for our restaurant name is expressed in our menu. It's old meets new while still rich in tradition and unmistakably Thai.

We are not a hipster restaurant though hipsters are welcome. I have no tattoos, I don't instagram or take selfies. "Foodies" don't throw around my name like I'm someone famous because I'm not, though some customers will recognize me at Costco. We have a single location and plan to keep it that way to maintain focus, quality, and make it a fixture on the westside. We can expand to other parts of town but we just wouldn't be as good so you will see any future expansion right here where we started. We just want to make good Thai food and sell it at a reasonable price to be a good everyday option for everyone -- without the hype.